Discover the estate of Pillows Limburg

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Reasons to stay in

It is wonderful to walk and cycle in the surrounding forests and nature reserves, but those who do not want to leave our estate have plenty of reasons to stay within the castle gates.

Explore the garden

of our charming castle hotel

Our castle hotel is surrounded by a large garden with a pond full of water lilies, embedded in total tranquility of nature. Stroll past the herb garden and glass coister, where the herbs grow, waiting to be used by the chefs.

If you walk along the spacious terrace, you will come across a professional jeu-de-boules court and various places on the grass for a delicious picnic with our extensive picnic basket.

But also staying indoors is a real treat. Fall back in one of the comfortable chairs in our Living, delicious with a glass of wine and even more fun with our board games.

Joyful moments inside our castle walls

Wine Cellar

Experience private dining in a special setting in our wine cellar. Enjoy a delicious lunch or special dinner from our restaurant De Tuin van de Barones and taste handpicked wines in an intimate private room.

Contact us for the possibilities, we are happy to create an unforgettable experience.

The Shop

Take the Pillows feeling home with the decorations from our Pillows Shop. 

Get tempted with elegant decorations and stylish accessories for your home interior. The Pillows Shop can be found in our hotel, next to our restaurant De Tuin van de Barones.

The gym & massages

Pillows Château De Raay has a compact gym to work on your personal health, but anyone who prefers a walk or run outside will be rewarded with the beautiful surrounding nature. For those who want to explore the area more widely, can rent one of our Pillows bicycles.

Experience the very essence of total serenity. A moment of pure relaxation and unwind completely. A massage allows you to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, surrounded by the history of the charming castle.

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