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Pillows Magazine introduces you to the Pillows lifestyle. Our magazine has plenty of interesting and surprising features about design, food, interior, lifestyle and much more.

Pillows Magazine
Nr 5 – Fall 2019

In Pillows Magazine number five we adore this time of year. Also, we give you a sneak preview of our latest Pillows hotel in Amsterdam: Mauritskade.

Pillows Magazine
Nr 4 – Summer 2019

Delicious dinners, city getaways, must sees and wonderful destinations: Pillows Hotels will get you ready for those special summer moments.

Pillows Magazine
Nr 3 – Fall 2018

In this fall issue of Pillows Magazine we pay special attention to Ghent, our newest hotel and LOF Restaurant, with renowned chef Ron Blaauw as part of the culinary team.

Pillows Magazine
Nr 2 – Spring 2018

Pillows Magazine number two is all about summer. Summer beckons and it’s time to head out into the countryside. Explore new vistas, gain new insights, feel the sun on your skin.

Pillows Magazine
Nr 1 – Fall 2017

Let Pillows Magazine take you on a journey. To a champagne chateau, the desert, incredible world cities, inspirational individuals and up into the clouds.

Pillows Grand Boutique Hotel Maurits at the Park
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