Pillows Staycation Tour
Brussels & Ghent

The Pillows Staycation Tour

all about you

Anything is possible in Brussels & Ghent. We already mapped out a tour, but the possibilities are endless. Longer, shorter, with your family and children, more or less dinners, anything to let you enjoy to the fullest.

The Pillows Staycation
Brusssels & Ghent includes:
  •  4 overnights stays including breakfast
  •  Bubbles & bites in Brussels
  • 6-course dinner in our culinary LOF Restaurant in Ghent
  • 24 hrs bicycle rent (in a city of your choice)
From 1199 euro
for two persons

5 days
4 nights
2 cities

Why Brussels & Ghent?

cities that breathe culture & history

Combine the vibrant city of Brussels with the charms of Ghent. Discover the amazing architecture and inspiring history is what makes Brussels so unique. Both locals and tourists love Ghent, because the city of Ghent has a story to tell on every corner. 

The team of Pillows Hotels would love to help you out planning your day in Brussels & Ghent.

Our Pillows Travel Agent

to take care of every detail for you

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