Pillows Staycation Tour
Ghent & Brussels

The Pillows Staycation Tour

all about you

Anything is possible in Ghent and Brussels. We already mapped out a tour, but the possibilities are endless. Longer, shorter, with your family and children, more or less hotels, anything to let you enjoy to the fullest.

This tour through Ghent and Brussels includes:

  •  4 overnights stays
  • Served breakfast every morning
  • A 6-course (in-room) dinner in our culinary LOF Restaurant
  •  Bubbles & bites
  • 24 hrs bicycle rent (in a city of your choice)

Enjoy spring. Go on a break, make it special and get inspired in the city. Let us pamper you in our unique hotels worth visiting alone. Every hotel is different, all located in characteristic buildings in a unique location. With contemporary and elegant interior and attention to every detail, above all for our guests.

Ghent & Brussels

From 849 euro for two persons

Our Pillows Travel Agent

to take care of every detail for you

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