We care at Pillows Hotels

Our journey to tomorrow

Our goal is to help shape the future of responsible traveling with those who stay, work and partner with us.

We encourage our people to make a positive difference to local communities, while preserving our planet’s beauty and diversity.

Not just today, but long into the future. Because we care.

Green Key

Our newest Pillows Hotel in Amsterdam has the Green Key Gold certificate, which is the largest sustainability mark for the tourism and leisure industry in the Netherlands.

Our policy is to have newly built hotels obtain a Green Key Gold certificate, just as Pillows Maurits at the Park. We try to implement the standards and value of Green Key throughout the organization where possible.


Our Five Stepping Stones

Champion a diverse
culture where everyone
can thrive.

Live in harmony with and contribute to our neighbourhood.

Reduce the use of energy, water and carbon emission while taking care of our guests.

We support conscious
consumption and
sustainable practices.

Minimize our impact on the
environment and contribute
to improving it.

Champion a diverse culture where everyone can thrive

Diversity starts with caring about each and everyone. We care about you.

• We are a multilingual organisation

• We have respect for personality and capacity, we never judge on gender, race, religion, orientation or age

• We have zero tolerance for harassment, therefore our environment is safe and supportive for everyone at all times

We live in harmony with and contribute to our neighbourhood

We care about our neighbourhood and maintain a relationship by:

  • Communicating active with our neighbours in good times and the bad
  • Initiating and taking part in neighbourhood activities
  • Making sure that our real estate is permanently and sustainably integrated into the neighbourhood with the greatest possible care
  • Testing the impact of all our business processes against the impact on the neighbourhood

Reduce the use of energy, water and carbon emission
while taking care of our guests

Energy, water & CO2

In our new hotels we use LED lighting, water-saving sanitary facilities and we cook on induction in our kitchens. With all these savings, we see a significant decrease in consumption.

Besides we are electric-car friendly.


We work with sustainable cleaning products that have the smallest possible impact. Everything is delivered in concentrate so that we limit transport.

We chose laundry service based on sustainable programs to save water and chemicals during the washing process.


We pick our suppliers carefully to ensure they share our values.

In the Netherlands, we have entered into a sustainable partnerships with food and drink suppliers. They deliver their products in joint freight. As a result, we save more than 500 journeys to and from our hotels in the Netherlands every year.

Icoon voor Geverifieerd door de community

We support conscious consumption and sustainable practices

Green & local

Eating healthy and knowing where your food comes from is important.

The dishes we serve are perfectly outbalanced in taste, colour and nutriens. We also offer several vegeterian options.

 Our menu changes with the season, enabling us to use many local products and delicacies. Some of the herbs even come from our own garden.

Waste or not

Reducing waste while offering you the best possible service.

We serve royal but loyal to nature. As we serve you perfectly balanced dishes we reduce waste. Nothing more, nothing less.

We also thrive to use products that other restaurants reject. Like the tail of King Crab we use in VanOost. A piece otherwise gone to waste.

Separating garbage

We sort our waste stream above average.

We separate all paper, glass, plastic, residual waste, and chemical waste. And we compact any remaining waste. As a result, the waste service doesn’t have to come to our hotels as often. Fewer journeys means less fuel used to get to our hotels and less CO2.

In the hotels we work with Nespresso including their recycling program, Aluminium.

Minimize our impact on the environment and contribute to improving it

We create awareness among guests and colleagues to contribute to our values. We embrace the initiatives of others now and in the future.

Improvement starts together.