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Be inspired when travelling the world. Whether on a city trip, business or pleasure, we encourage you to create new enriching travel experiences. Scroll down for our favorite hotspots in our ‘hotel’ cities.

Amsterdam Vondelpark Entrance
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It’s the entire atmosphere that will make you love this city. Explore this picturesque town, that has something special to offer to everyone.

Brussels City
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A big multicultural city that also retained a village feeling. Soak up the culture and immerse yourself in the pulse of beautiful Brussels.

City of Ghent Pillows Hotels
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Perfect for a quiet, historical city trip. One might be fooled into thinking that this city is nothing more than an ancient and peaceful witness of palmy days long past.

City hotspots

The best thing about Zwolle? That everything is close. Discover the charms while wandering through this Hanseatic city. Every corner breathes history.

Pillows Luxury Boutique Hotel Aan de IJssel Deventer
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The Hanseatic city of Deventer is situated along the IJssel river, described as the most beautiful river of the Netherlands. Cycle, walk or sail through the historical city centre or discover the rich green surroundings.