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There is still so much to discover in the Netherlands and Belgium. Turn multiple city trips into one wonderful holiday, while staying in the boutique hotels of Pillows.

 Zwolle, Deventer, Ghent, or Brussels: everything is possible. We already mapped out our favourite tours below, but the possibilities are endless. Longer, shorter, with your family, more or less hotels, anything to let you enjoy to the fullest.

Bookable from 1199 euro. 

The Netherlands & Belgium
From 1350 euro

Zeeland & Ghent

Go on a culinary journey. Enjoy overnightst stays in Pillows Hotels while enjoying culinary menu by Michelin-starred chef Jeroen Achtien in Inter Scaldes, followed by lunch or dinner the next day by Paul de Groote – the former sous chef of the previous Inter Scaldes – in LOF Restaurant.

The Netherlands
From 1199 euro

Zwolle & Deventer

The Hanseatic cities Zwolle and Deventer are perfect spots to enjoy best of both worlds: explore the charming and historic city centres and unwind completely while discovering the IJssel and its surrounding nature.

The Netherlands & Belgium
From 1350 euro

Amsterdam & Ghent

Go on an extraordinary voyage through the captivating city of Ghent and the lively streets of the Dutch capital Amsterdam. Explore the charming streets lined with elegant canal houses, bustling markets, and world-class museums. Be amazed by the dishes of VanOost Restaurant and LOF Restaurant.

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Get pampered in your favourite Pillows Hotels. So much to enjoy: you don’t need to leave the hotel, yet you are in inspiring cities and close to nature.

Pillows Hotels believes time is the most precious thing we have. So spent it well. Spent it at Pillows Hotels.

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