Private dining in Amsterdam at Pillows Maurits at the Park

Private dining in Amsterdam at Pillows Maurits at the Park

Experience private dining in Amsterdam

Enjoy an easy-going or culinary private dining experience in Pillows Maurits at the Park in Amsterdam. With two amazing restaurants in-house, we always have something that matches your preference.

Our elegant and inspiring salons are the perfect location to enjoy an intimate dinner, with a magnificent view upon the green Oosterpark or the canals of Amsterdam.

Be pampered with classic dishes inspired by Spring Cafe Brasserie​

With the French and Italian inspired classics designed by chef Luigi di Benedetto from Spring Cafe Brasserie, you know for sure that this private dining in Amsterdam will be a success. 

Besides working with seasonal products, Spring collaborates with local producers to create their refined dishes. 

A culinary private dining experience in Amsterdam

Go all out with Floris van Straalen​ chef of culinary VanOost Restaurant​

Go on a culinary journey of the highest level. With a one-of-a-kind menu composed by chef Floris van Straalen from VanOost Restaurant you get to stimulate all your senses. Taste, feel and see the attention to detail and explore new flavours from all over the world.

Elegant private dining salons​

In all of our salons, you will experience the feeling of intimacy and elegance. This makes it the perfect place in Amsterdam for a refined private dining.

All salons are located on the first floor of Pillows Grand Boutique Hotel Maurits at the Park and have high ceilings and windows with lots of daylight. 

During your private dining in Amsterdam you only have to focus on your guests as the rest will be taken care of by our sincere and professional Pillows Team.

Dining Salons

Louis Bolk Salon

34 square meters

This salon offers an unique atmosphere and lots of privacy, with views overlooking the canals in Amsterdam.

Boardroom layout | Dining up to 14 guests

Park Salon

78 square meters

Host an event in a peaceful, private setting. With lots of daylight and views overlooking the Oosterpark.

Flexible layout | Dining up to 50 guests

J.B. Springer Salon

24 square meters

This salon offers an intimate setting for a diner with a select group of people, with views overlooking the canals.

Boardroom layout | Dining up to 8 guests

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