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at Pillows Hotels in Brussels

Create a day to remember

Breaks are essential for renewing energy and resume work with a fresh state of mind. With an inspiring activity, you will create a successful meeting and a day to remember.

Pillows City Hotel Brussels Centre knows several partners to team up with to create unforgettable activities, inside our hotel as well as in the inspiring city of Brussels.

Get inspired for the perfect break

at Pillows Brussels Centre

Pillows City Hotel Brussels Centre is situated on a central location with all highlights within walking distance and, therefore, is the perfect base to organize several activities.

Discover the history and fun facts of Brussels during a guided city walk, experience the best chocolate in Brussels from Pierre Marcolini during a workshop or visit Place Royale with the Margritte Museum.

But our own characteristic yet stylish hotel is also an ideal venue. Get inspired by several guest speakers about a wide range of topics or have your own wine tasting.

The possibilities are endless.

Team building activities at a central location

About Historic Brussels

The beautiful city centre of Brussels has been a home to kings, a trading hub and an epicentre of several crafts. Even though the city evolved much, the history of Brussels is still visible in many ways.

Find your way to the neoclassic buildings from the nineteenth century on Place Royale or visit the Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries with gorgeous architecture and many cafés. But also Mont des Arts is a must visit for everyone who wants to enjoy the city of Brussels with a panoramic view.

The historic city centre is full of streets, with bars, restaurants and amazing museums. Never a dull moment in this vibrant city.

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